History of the ACTS

We meet the weekend before the annual Joint Statistics Meetings (also known as the American Statistical Association Meetings). These meetings are held in the summer each year and the locations and highlights of past meetings are below.

2013, Montreal; August 3-4.
Thirty seven members attended. Leah Welty pesented Implementing Reproducible Research in the Collaborative Medical Environment: Challenges, Solutions, and the Future; Knut Wittkowski discussed Genomics of Common Diseases; Brad Pollock presented Integrating Biological Markers into Clinical Research Study Design; Keith Muller presented Easy Power and Sample Size for Most of the Mixed Models You Will Ever See; Paul Nietert, Paula Roberson, and Avital Cnaan discussed the Biostatistical Review Process for the Clinical Translational Science Awards; Leslie McClure presented Monitoring Futility in a 2x2 Factorial Design; More presentations will be added here as they become available. Agenda; Registration Form; Business Meeting Minutes; Treasurer's report.

2012, San Diego; July 28-29.
Forty members attended. Jon Shuster presented Meta-analysis of Safety for Low Event-Rate Binomial Trials. A panel on "Database Approaches for Clinical Translational Research" included presentations by Brad Pollock, Matt Mayo, and Eileen King. Mike Donohue gave a talk on Statistical and Practical Challenges in Alzheimer's Disease Research. There was a panel on "Ethics in Biostatistical Practice" that included talks by Jon Gelfond on ethical.--, Shelley Hurwitz on Ethical Statistical Practice in the ASA and BERD, and William Barry on A Framework for Translational Research: Recommendations from Duke Medicine. Terry Hyslop presented Utilization of Structural Equation Models to Elucidate Disparities in Breast Cancer Outcomes. There was also a contributed poster by Knut Wittkowski. Agenda; Registration form; Meeting minutes; Business meeting minutes; Treasurer's report.

2011, Miami; July 30-31.
Thirty three members attended. On Saturday there were presentations by Ben Hansen on Propensity Scores, and by Robert Obenchain on The Local Control Approach for Adjusting to Biases. There was also an NCRR/CTSA update by Laura Lee Johnson, a poster session (Zhang et al., Junuthula, et al.), and a business meeting. On Sunday morning there was a panel on "Bayesians and Frequentists – Bridging the Gap" that included Sir David Cox, M. J. (Susie) Bayarri, Kenneth Rice, and Jim Berger. On Sunday afternoon there were talks on Building Better Collaborations by Leah Welty and L. Michelle Bennet. Agenda; Registration form; Meeting minutes; Business meeting minutes; Treasurer's report.

2010, Vancouver; July 31 - August 1.
Thirty members registered for this meeting. There were presentations by Edgar Brunner on Non-parametric Statistics for Dependent Observations, Jeanne Kowalski on Use and Application of U-statistics in Genetic and Genomic Investigations, and Knut Wittkowski on Hierarchical U-Scores for Complex Phenotypes and Multi-locus GWAS. There was a panel session on Statisticians Being Reviewed with Ralph D'Agostino, Jeremy Taylor, and Michelle Dunn. Laura Lee Johnson and Brad Pollock gave reports from NCRR and workgroups. There was also a poster sesion at this meeting. Agenda; Registration form; Meeting minutes; Business meeting minutes; Treasurer's report.

2009, Washington; August 1-2.
The name of the association was changed in 2009 from the Association of General Clinical Research Center Statisticians (AGS) to the Association of Clinical and Translational Statisticians (ACTS). This was the first meeting of the ACTS. Fifty one members attended. Iris Obrams gave the annual Report from NCRR's Division of Clinical Research. Walter Ambrosius presented Power for Observational Studies with Random Group Sizes. Ralph O'Brien led a panel discussion on Program Evaluation for CTSA’s. Walter Stroup gave presentations on Working with Generalized Linear Mixed Models and Power and Sample Size: GLMM as a Tool for Planning Experiments. Frank Harrell gave an update on the national CTSA Biostatistics Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) initiatives. Agenda; Registration form; Annual Meeting minutes; Treasurer's report.

2008, Denver; August 2-3.
Thirty eight members attended. The meeting included a report from NCRR’s Division of Clinical Research by Iris Obrams, presentations on Quasi-likelihood Power and Sample Size Calculations for Models from Unknown Distributions by Jonathan D. Mahnken, Bayesian Modeling Using the MCMC Procedure by Fang K. Chen, and a short course on Meta-Analysis by Michael Borenstein. Agenda; Registration form; Business meeting minutes; Treasurer's report.

2007, Salt Lake City; July 28-29.
Forty two members attended. Iris Obrams gave a Report from NCRR's Division of Clinical Research. Joseph Hilbe presented a two-part short course on Overview of Generalized Linear Models and Generalized Estimating Equations. Chul Ahn gave a talk on Sample Size Calculations for the Rate of Changes in Repeated Measures Design. Knut Wittkowski described Bioinformatics Tools Enabling U-Statistics for Microarrays. Robert Oster presented AGS Business and Brief Review of Current Purpose and Structure of AGS. Annual Meeting minutes and Treasurer's report; Agenda; Registration form.

2006, Seattle; August 5-6.
Forty members attended. Iris Obrams gave an Update from NCRR's Division of Clinical Research. Scott Emerson presented a two-part Overview of Sequential Analysis/Sequential Trials. Jonathan Shuster presented Sample Size Issues in Sequential Analysis/Sequential Trials. Cyrus Mehta gave a tutorial on Group Sequential and Adaptive Clinical Trials Featuring East-4 Software. Shelley Hurwitz discussed the Role of Education in Biostatistics Consulting. GCRC Business issues were discussed by Robert Oster. Business Meeting minutes and Treasurer's report; Agenda; Registration form.

2005, Minneapolis; August 6-7.
Thirty nine members attended. Carol Merchant presented a Report from NCRR's Division of Clinical Research. Bradley Carlin gave a two-part presentation on "Bayesian Approaches to Patient-Oriented Research": Part 1, Examples, Part 2. Ralph O'Brien presented "Concepts and Issues in Sample Size Analysis" in two parts with John Castelloe. Raymond Hoffman reported on the new AGS Education Committee with Andy Cucchiara. Business meeting minutes and treasurer's report; Agenda; Registration form.

2004, Toronto; August 7-8.
Forty two members attended. We had talks on An Introduction to the Bootstrap by Tim Hesterberg, Top 10 Statistical Books That no Busy GCRC Statistician Should be Without by Robert Oster, Summary of the Workshop on Information Integration - The Next Frontier by Joyce Niland, Data Monitoring Committees by Mary Foulkes, Bootstrap Methods Using Estimating Functions by Jack Kalbfleisch, and "Enhancements to the Statistical Software in SAS 9.1" by Maura Stokes. Business Meeting minutes and Treasurer's report; Agenda; Registration form.

2003, San Francisco; August 2-3.
Forty six members attended. We had reports from Anthony Hayward, NCRR Associate Director of Clinical Research, David Ickle on "The Future of Integrated Research Information Management Systems for GCRCs" and "Optimization of a Biologic Manufacturing Process with Essentially Observational Data", Margaret Pepe on "Study Design for a Medical test used for Classifying or Predicting: Strategies and Pitfalls", Jamie Grady and Reena Deutsch on "Strategies for Promotion: Getting Credit for Collaborative Work", Avital Cnaan on "Incorporating Repeated Assessments of Compliance Information in Analysis of Clinical Trials Data", and Ralph D'Agostino on "Publishing Medical Statistical Results: The Editor's View". Agenda; Registration form.

2002, New York; August 10-11.
Forty two members attended. We had reports from Anthony Hayward, NCRR Associate Director of Clinical Research, Jason Fine from the University of Wisconsin GCRC on "Quality of Life and Survival in Clinical Research", Kathleen Kerr from the University of Washington on Design of Microarray experiments, and Russell Wolfinger from SAS Institute on "Helping Scientists do Microarray Data Analysis". Agenda; Registration form.

2001, Atlanta; August 4-5.
About 35 members attended the meeting. Inese Beitins gave an overview of the Office for Human Research Protections. Alan Hutson and Gene Fisch shared their experiences regarding co-authorship with GCRC clinicians. Nancy Berman spoke on Data Safety and Monitoring, and Bob Parker discussed protocol review process. Marty Lesser talked about the role of power calculation in GCRC protocols and Joseph Coresh gave an overview of the analysis of genetic data in unrelated individuals. Knut Wittkowski spoke on inadequacies in MS Excel as a tool for statistical analysis and Cyrus Mehta introduced EaSt, the software that handles Group-sequential data. Agenda; Registration form.

2000, Indianapolis; August 12-13.
Bernie LaSalle provided an overview of the Biomedical Informatics Initiative and discussed the upcoming New Orleans meeting.  Borko Jovanovic provided an introduction to microarray analysis, and  Knut Wittkowski talked on the analysis of multivariate ordinal risk factors, confounders and surrogate markers.  Gregory Campbell, FDA, spoke on statistical issues for Diagnostic devices. Agenda; Registration form.

1999, Baltimore; August 7-8.
There were about 40 members present, and Bernie LaSalle, systems manager at the Univ. of Utah, spoke on the Bioinformatics Initiative. In addition, presentations on sample size and power estimation projections from insufficient information were delivered by Philip Rust, Marty Lesser, and Chris Coffey. Agenda/Registration.

1998, Dallas; August 8-9.
Discussion topics addressed were conflicts of interest experienced by biostatisticians, site visit reports, and statistics for clinicians. Charles S. Davis from Iowa led this year's workshop on repeated measures analysis. Agenda/Registration.

1997, Anaheim; August 9-10.

Featured guests at this year's meeting were Mary Sara McPeek who spoke about Statistical Genetics and Maura Stokes introduced PROC GENMOD in SAS. Agenda/Registration.

1996, Chicago; August 3-4.
There were 33 members in attendance and talks were given by Daniel Heitjan on missing data and Dan Bowling gave an introduction to the WWW.

1995, Orlando; August 12-13.
Alan Gross gave a presentation on Meta-Analysis. Also, elections held, membership issues and other constitutional revisions discussed, and there were about 40 members in attendance.

1994, Toronto.
The workshop that year was on mixed linear models and PROC MIXED as presented by Russ Wolfinger, David Schoenfeld, and Mark Schluchter.

1993, San Francisco.
Ralph O'Brien and Dan Bowling presented the latest developments in O'Brien's power software, UniFyPow.sas, that was first introduced to the AGS at the 1991 meeting. Also, Bob Parker gave a report on the certification effort.

1992, Boston.
This meeting had 34 attendees.

1991, Atlanta; August 22-23.
This was the first official annual meeting of the AGS.  Twenty eight were in attendance, including Dr. Vaitukaitus who talked to the group on Friday morning, August 23. The workshop that year was O'Brien-Muller on Power in GLM with Special Emphasis on Repeated Measures. It was agreed at the end of the meeting to have future meetings on the Saturday/Sunday before ASA! Our meeting was officially written in to the approved travel in the 1992 guidelines. There were approximately 40-50 members (GCRC Statisticians) at this time and an email list was established shortly after the meeting. Only about two-thirds of the members had Internet email access.

1990, Anaheim; August 7.
This was the second organizational meeting. 10 people in attendance, another 6:00 pm session. It was agreed there to form a real group and elect officers. Mike Kutner headed the Constitution Committee and prepared the initial draft of the by-laws and constition.

1989, Washington DC.
This was the 150th meeting of the ASA. It was an organizational meeting and despite no NIH support (in the form of travel funds) 14 individuals showed up, including Dorothy Sogn. This meeting was on a Sunday night and we initially planned for a biennial meeting. Mike Kutner was unanimously acclaimed President after he left the meeting early.